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About Us

The Digital Scholarship Center is an Academic Center of the University of Cincinnati, and a joint venture of the UC Libraries + the College of Arts & Sciences. With the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we function as a “digital integrator” on campus, moving between cultural and disciplinary silos across the university to cross wires and create new modes of research and teaching using digital methods. In partnership with faculty and students from nine colleges, we work at the intersection of data science, the arts and humanities, and the libraries.

Our core mission: We are UC’s catalyst for digital methods to transform research and teaching.

What we do:

  • AI + Data Visualization on Large Datasets from any discipline – numbers, text, images, video.
  • We are a technical catalyst: Data-driven methods create new research directions and learning outcomes.
  • We translate between disciplines that rarely interact - connect subject experts with technical expertise.
  • We provide resources and infrastructure to nurture research questions and collaborations that slip between the cracks of colleges and funding agencies