Bias, Miscommunication, and Equity in Data: Part 1

Researchers producing and using data face similar but unique, challenges in data management, data sharing, reproducible research, and preservation. Researchers have a tremendous responsibility to ensure that the data they produce, and share is equitable as it impacts individuals and communities the world over. When data is collected and shared incorrectly, it can advance inequities, bias, and even violence. Researchers must be aware of methods to mitigate these and how to generate data that is free of bias, is equitable, and inclusive to avoid any miscommunication and/or ambiguity regarding their data. Data Day 2021 highlights these challenges and showcases solutions and opportunities in which we can re-examine data through an equity lens.

Data Day 2021 will be held on Friday, November 5, 2021, and will offer online panel discussions centered around the theme of bias, miscommunication, and equity in data. We have a panel of data experts and a keynote address given by Heather Krause, founder of We All Count and the Data Equity Framework. We will also host a weeklong virtual screening of the documentary film Coded Bias and an afternoon panel discussion on Good vs Bad AI.


Heather Krause, Founder, We All Count.

Heather Krause Image

Heather KrausePStat, is a data scientist with over a decade of experience building tools that improve practices and systems. Heather is a statistician with years of experience working on complex data problems and producing real-world knowledge. She has a strong love of finding data, analyzing it in creative ways and using cutting edge visualization methods to visualize the results. Her emphasis is on combining strong statistical analysis with clear and meaningful communication. She is currently working on implementing tools for equity and ethics in data. As the founder of two successful data science companies, she attacks the largest questions facing societies today, working with both civic and corporate organizations to improve outcomes and lives. Her relentless pursuit of clarity and realism in these projects pushed her beyond pure analysis to mastering the entire data ecosystem including award-winning work in data sourcing, modeling, and data storytelling, each incorporating bleeding edge theory and technologies.

Heather's work proves that data narratives can be meaningful to any audience from a boardroom to the front page. Heather is the founder of We All Count, a project for equity in data working with teams across the globe to embed a lens of ethics into their data products from funding to data collection to statistical analysis and algorithmic accountability. Her unique set of tools and contributions have been sought across a range of clients from MasterCard and Wells Fargo to the United Nations, the Canadian Government, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She is on the Data Advisory Board of the UNHCR


UC Data Day will be held virtually on November 5, 2021. Registration opens on Thursday, October 1, 2020.

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Code of Conduct and Accessibility

The UC Data Day organizing committee aims that UC Data Day will be a welcoming event for all participants and strive to create an environment where all attendees feel comfortable to participate fully in all Data Day activities without any fear of harassment or discriminatory behavior.  Please be kind, respectful, and courteous to other participants.


Held Virtually 

Keynote & Morning Panel

  • Keynote by Heather Krause
  • Morning Panel: Bias, Miscommunication and Equity in Data.

Afternoon Panel & Coded Bias Discussion

  • Afternoon Panel: Good vs Bad AI
  • Discussion on Coded Bias documentary.

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